October 21st

Keynote 1

(Oct 21, 9:20 - 10:20, Symposium Space, Chair: Issei Fujishiro)

Virtual Reality and Telexistence
Susumu Tachi

Session 1: Virtual Worlds

(Oct 21, 10:50-12:05, Symposium Space, Chair: Masayuki Nakajima)

(F) Deformation-Aware Split Grammars for Architectural Models
Rene Zmugg, Wolfgang Thaller, Ulrich Krispel, Johannes Edelsbrunner, Sven Havemann and Dieter W. Fellner

(F) Rendering Railway Scenes in Cyberspace Based on Route Panoramas
Shengchun Wang, Siwei Luo, Yaping Huang, Jiang Yu Zheng, Peng Dai, Qiang Han

(F) Volumetric Virtual Worlds with Layered Terrain Generation
Aitor Santamaria Ibirika, Xabier Cantero, Mikel Salazar, Jaime Devesa and Pablo G. Bringas

Session 2: Arts, Design and Virtual World I

(Oct 21, 10:50-12:05, Conference Room M, Chair: Gianluca Mura)

(F) Cyber Metaplasticity - CyberCosmos of MetaPlastic CyberWorlds
Gianluca Mura

(F) Dialogue with the Brown Cloud
Ioannis Michaloudis and Miik Green

(F) Functionalization and World Conception
Ulrich Gehmann and Martin Reiche

Session 3: e-Life

(Oct 21, 13:35-15:30, Symposium Space, Chair: Ekaterina Prasolova-Forland)

(S) Towards Making Panoramic Images in Virtual Arthroscopy
Vladimir Pestrikov and Alexei Sourin

(S) Incorporating Haptic and Olfactory into Surgical Simulation
Osama Halabi, Fatma Al-Mesaifri, Mariam Al-Ansari, Roqaya Al-Shaabi, Hichem Barki and Sebti Foufou

(F) Investigation of a Virtual Environment for Rugby Skills Training
Helen C. Miles, Serban R. Pop, Simon J. Watt, Gavin P. Lawrence, Nigel W. John, Vincent Perrot, Pierre Mallet and Daniel R. Mestre

(F) Navigation Maps for Virtual Travelers
Andrei Sherstyuk and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa

(F) Achieving Satisfied Virtual Exchange Rates through Multiple-Stage Virtual Money Supply
Jingzhi Guo and Meilan Xie

Session 4: Basics

(Oct 21, 13:35-15:25, Conference Room M, Chair: Ryutarou Ohbuchi)

(F) A Low Complexity Algorithm for H.264/AVC Intra Prediction
Haitao Li, Jianjun Li, Ghulam Sakhi Shokouh and Refik Samet

(F) Situation Awareness through Multimodal Biometric Template Security in Real-Time Environments
Padma Polash Paul, Marina Gavrilova and Stanislav Klimenko

(F) Geometrical Meta-metamodel for Cyber-Physical Modelling
Vitaliy Mezhuyev and Refik Samet

(F) An Open Modular Middleware for Interoperable Virtual Environments
Sergiy Byelozyorov, Dmitri Rubinstein, Vincent Pegoraro and Philipp Slusallek

Session 5: Interface

(Oct 21, 16:00-17:30, Symposium Space, Chair: Alexei Sourin)

(F) MapXplorer Handy: An Immersive Map Exploration System Using Handheld Device
Hadziq Fabroyir, Wei-Chung Teng, Shu-Ling Wang and Rayi Yanu Tara

(F) Improving Structured Content Design of Digital Signage Evolutionarily Through Utilizing Viewers' Involuntary Behaviors
Ken Nagao and Issei Fujishiro

(S) Replacing a Human Hand by a Virtual Hand and Adjusting its Posture to a Virtual Object for its Manipulation in an AR Environment
Akihiro Ono, Koh Kakusho, Takuya Funatomi and Masaaki Iiyama

(S) Designing EdgeWrite versions for Japanese Text Entry
Kentaro Go, Yuichiro Kinoshita and Shoichi Watanabe

Session 6: Rendering

(Oct 21, 16:00-17:15, Conference Room M, Chair: Chuan-kai Yang)

(F) Screen Space Anisotropic Blurred Soft Shadows By Efficient Separable Filtering Method
Zhongxiang Zheng and Suguru Saito

(F) Estimation of Environmental Lighting from Known Geometries for Mobile Augmented Reality
Emre Koc and Selim Balcisoy

(F) Customizable Strokes for Localized Stylization of View-Dependent Lines Extracted from 3D Models
Luis Cardona and Suguru Saito

October 22nd

Session 7: Social Computing

(Oct 22, 9:00-10:30, Symposium Space, Chair: Lichan Hong)

(S) Characteristic Analysis of Social Network Constructed from Literary Fictio
Jongkyu Seo, Gyeong-Mi Park and Hwan Gue Cho

(F) A Gossip Virtual Social Network for Non Playable Characters in Role Play Games
Justin Perrie and Ling Li

(S) Ontology of Emergency Shared Situation Awareness and Crisis Interoperability
Sergey Mescherin, Igor Kirillov and Stanislav Klimenko

(F) Preparing for International Operations in a Cyberworld: a Norwegian Army Example
Ekaterina Prasolova-Forland, Mikhail Fominykh, Ramin Darisiro, Anders I. Morch and David Hansen

Session 8: Vision

(Oct 22, 9:00-10:35, Conference Room M, Chair: Stanislav Klimenko)

(S) Cube Detection and Pose Estimation using Property of a Cube with Evolutionary Method
Kazuki Hiyama and Takuya Akashi

(F) Effective Feature Description using Intensity Order Local Binary Pattern
Thao-Ngoc Nguyen, Bac Le and Kazunori Miyata

(F) Detecting Markers in Blurred and Defocused Images
Masahiro Toyoura, Haruhito Aruga, Matthew Turk and Xiaoyang Mao

(F) Robust Action Recognition Based on a Hierarchical Model
Xinbo Jiang, Fan Zhong, Qunsheng Peng and Xueying Qin

Keynote 2

(Oct 22, 11:05-12:05, Symposium Space, Chair: Lichan Hong)

The Science of Social Interactions on the Web
Ed H. Chi

Poster Fast Forward

(Oct 22, 13:45-14:25, Symposium Space, Chair: Xiaoyang Mao)

Session 9: InfoVis

(Oct 22, 14:55-16:30, Symposium Space, Chair: Takayuki Itoh)

(F) OnMyWay: A Task-Oriented Visualization and Interface Design for Planning Road Trip Itinerary
Yuzuru Tanahashi and Kwan-Liu Ma

(F) A Study on Enhancing Timeline-like Visualization with Verbal Text
Jia-Kai Chou, Isaac Liao, Kwan-Liu Ma and Chuan-Kai Yang

(F) Designing Narrative Interface with a Function of Narrative Generation
Takashi Ogata and Jumpei Ono

(S) ActVis: Activity Visualization in Videos
Masahiro Toyoura, Satoshi Nishiguchi, Xiaoyang Mao and Masayuki Murakami

Session 10: Arts, Design and Virtual World II

(Oct 22, 14:55-16:35, Conference Room M, Chair: Gianluca Mura)

(F) From the Virtual to the Material: The Re-appearance of the Art Object
Dew Harrison

(F) The Eight Continent: Design for an Intentional Surprise
Michael Johansson

(F) Emotion Estimation from Biological Signals and Its Application to an Emotional Painting Tool
Masaki Omata, Daisuke Kanuka and Xiaoyang Mao

(F) Analytical Perception of Arts and Science in Contemporary African Arts
Bankole E. Oladumiye

October 23rd

Session 11: Shape

(Oct 23, 9:00-11:00, Symposium Space, Chair: Andres Iglesias)

(F) An Extension Algorithm for Ball B-Spline Curves with G2 Continuity
Qianqian Jiang, Zhongke Wu, Ting Zhang, Xingce Wang and Mingquan Zhou

(F) An Electromagnetism-Based Global Optimization Approach for Polynomial Bezier Curve Parameterization of Noisy Data Points
Akemi Galvez Tomida and Andres Iglesias Prieto

(F) A General Design Method based on Algebraic Topology -A Divide and Conquer Method-
Kenji Ohmori and Tosiyasu Kunii

(F) Ranking on Cross-Domain Manifold for Sketch-based 3D Model Retrieval
Takahiko Furuya and Ryutarou Ohbuchi

(S) View-Clustering and Manifold Learning for Sketch-based 3D Model Retrieval
Yukinori Kurita and Ryutarou Ohbuchi

Session 12: Multi-Modality

(Oct 23, 9:00-11:00, Conference Room M, Chair: Kentaro Go)

(F) Image-driven Haptic Rendering in Virtual Environments
Shahzad Rasool and Alexei Sourin

(F) A Prediction Method Using Interpolation for Smooth Six-DOF Haptic Rendering in Multirate Simulation
Xiyuan Hou and Olga Sourina

(F) EEG Databases for Emotion Recognition
Yisi Liu and Olga Sourina

(F) A New Emotion Model with NEO PI-R for Emotion Simulations
Yi Zhang and Ling Li

(S) A Bio-Inspired Architecture of a Motor System for Virtual Creatures: Reverse Engineering of the Human Hand for the Creation of a LEGO MindstormsTM Robotic Hand
Daniel Madrigal, Gustavo Torres, Adan Ruiz and Felix Ramos

Keynote 3

(Oct 23, 11:30-12:30, Symposium Space, Chair: Xiaoyang Mao)

Inspiring Modeling
Daniel Cohen-Or


(Oct 23, 12:30-14:30, Gallery, Chair: Xiaoyang Mao)

Development of Real-time Effecter for Sharing Specific Feelings More Intuitively on Video Hosting Services
Yusuke Araki and Hidenori Watanabe

Thememory: Experiencing Thematic Photos in Daily Practice
Kai-Yin Cheng, Ko-Yuan Chou and Bing-Yu Chen

Generation of Grasping Poses for Object Manipulation
Kazuaki Hamada, Fumihito Kyota and Suguru Saito

Visualization of Railway Stations' Usability for Expectant and Nursing Mothers
Makiko Harada, Yoshiaki Komatsu and Hidenori Watanabe

Engagement in Computer and Video Games
Steven Bachelder, Rajesh Santhanam, Masaki Hayashi and Masayuki Nakajima

Virtual Museum with 3D Artifacts - Technology of Acquisition and Representation Pipeline
Masaki Hayashi, Steven Bachelder, Clement Lefeuvre, Cyril Le Bras and Masayuki Nakajima

Interactive TV by Text-To-Vision - Application Using TVML SDK on UNITY
Masaki Hayashi, Steven Bachelder, Mateo Grippon and Masayuki Nakajima

Visualization and Color Harmonization using Colorid Color Space
Naoto Inose and Suguru Saito

Practice of the Joint Design in Different Context Environment
Shingo Kishioka and Hidenori Watanabe

Archive of Art Event Including Location and Artistic Information
Yuki Kikumoto and Hidenori Watanabe

An Example of the Attaching Function to Solve Data Overlap Problems
Toshio Kodama

EVOLVE: A Linked Visualization Environment for Explanatory Variables and Objective Function of Optimization Problems
Maki Kubota, Takayuki Itoh, Shigeru Obayashi and Yuriko Takeshima

A Scatterplot-Based Visual Analytics Tool for Protein Pocket Properties
Ayaka Kaneko, Takayuki Itoh and Kei Yura

The MetaPlastic CyberCosmos
Gianluca Mura

The MetaPlastic Art&Design Manifesto
Gianluca Mura

3D Collision Detection with 2D Terrain Maps
Andrei Sherstyuk, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa and Yuki Yano

Virtual Slicer: Development of Interactive Visualizer for Tomographic Medical Images based on Position and Orientation of Handheld Device
Sho Shimamura, Motoko Kanegae, Yuji Uema, Masahiko Inami, Tetsu Hayashida, Hideo Saito and Maki Sugimoto

Clickable Virtual Buttons in Real Space
Atsushi Sugiura, Masahiro Toyoura and Xiaoyang Mao

Development of the Map Navigation System Targeting Users
Yurina Takata and Hidenori Watanabe

Sensing of Traffic flow in Real World for Reconstruction in VR
Guo Tian and Takuya Akashi

Seamless Annotation Display for Augmented Reality
Satoshi Yonemoto

Faceless - an augmented installation exploring 419-fictional narratives
Andreas Zingerle and Linda Kronman

Session 13: Characters & Objects

(Oct 23, 14:30-16:00, Symposium Space, Chair: Zhongke Wu)

(S) Skeleton-based Hair Modeling and Visualization
Takeyuki Sakai and Vladimir Savchenko

(S) Controlled 3D Biped Stepping Animations using the Inverted Pendulum and Impulse Constraints
Ben Kenwright

(F) Multi-touch Interface for Character Motion Control Using Model-Based Approach
Masaki Oshita

(F) Stable Simulations of Deformable Objects using Explicit Integration
Luis Fernando Gutierrez Preciado and Felix Francisco Ramos Corchado

Session 14: Arts, Design and Virtual World III

(Oct 23, 14:30-16:00, Conference Room M, Chair: Gianluca Mura)

(F) Some New Possibilities for In-World Virtual Art Gallery Configuration
Richard Hooper

(S) Humiliating Entertainment Or Social Activism? Analyzing Scambaiting Strategies Against Online Advance Fee Fraud
Andreas Zingerle and Linda Kronman

(F) Audio-Visual Art Performance System Using Computer Video Output Based on Converting Component Video Signal to Audio
Yuichi Ito, Carl Stone, Masashi Yamada and Shinya Miyazaki

(S) What is It Like to be Wintermute? Virtuality and Consciousness
Blanka Earhart

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