CYBERWORLDS 2013 Special Sessions

To be included in a CYBERWORLDS 2013 special session, at least one author of the accepted paper must register and present the paper at CYBERWORLDS 2013 conference.
The special session papers will be published in the CYBERWORLDS 2013 conference proceedings and related international journal special issues.

Social Computing

Chair: Dr. Lichan Hong, Google Research, USA

Social computing has become one of the most important topics of Cyberworld. Cyberworlds 2013 will feature a special session on social computing, covering topics including but not limited to

  • Studies of social media
  • Social network system design and architecture
  • Visualization, browsing, and navigation interfaces of social media
  • Ranking and relevance of user-generated content
  • Trust, privacy, and security in social contexts
  • Mobile social networks
  • Crowdsoucing

Social Computing contact: address.03.gif

Arts, Design and Virtual World

Chair: Dr. Gianluca Mura, Politecnico di Milano University, Italy

Arts, Design and Virtual World is a CYBERWORLDS 2013 special session that would analyze and trace the advancements of new art and design theories and practices in virtual worlds:
Selected papers will be invited to write an article for a special issue of the IJACDT International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies.

Arts, Design and Virtual World contact: address.04.gif

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